Sony super had ccd инструкция по подключению

sony super had ccd инструкция по подключению
Sony continues to add choice and flexibility to its FCB Series with the introduction of the FCB-EX20DP camera. Available Models of IPTEC Speed Dome Cameras: 1/4″ Sony CCD 700 / 800 TVL Colour High Resolution 0.004 Lux Min. Moreover, to further improve camera performance, the FCB-EX20DP offers a number of sophisticated functions such as advanced spherical privacy zone masking with a mosaic effect, video motion detection, multi-line on-screen display and slow AE function.

The only disadvantage is the case a touch heavy and thicker compare to others but it is acceptable, for 180 like tweaker case might hit the front Standoffs if tilt up very high. Here are some side by side comparison of the two cameras. both 2.8mm lens both cameras without the lens Here I put the old lens on the new camera. Illumination, Day/Night 12x Optical Zoom Viewing Angle of 7° ~ 60°, Auto Iris Varifocal IPD-12Z Made in Korea 1/4″ Sony Super HAD CCD ll 700 / 800 TVL High Resolution 0 Lux LED ON Min. Highly recommended! the standard The go to camera Better then board mount with the shell I can crazy fly, dont need to care abt the crash.IR function very fast, nice video quality, nice weight, nice outlook.

Great small FPV camera Great small FPV camera PZ0420M-L28 — Not bad I installed this camera on my FPV quad and it works great. There are many parameters and settings you can play around with, through an on screen display menu. High Sensitivity and Superb Picture Quality for Surveillance Monitoring, Police Vehicle and Inspection Applications.

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