Инструкция для dvd samsung

инструкция для dvd samsung
Инструкция пользователя даст возможность правильно управлять, а соблюдение правил работы увеличит срок службы техники. Press 3 and count the number of times the mode key blinks back. this is your third digit. Pressing the FAV button on a selected channel will add it to your list of favorite channels.When out of the interactive guide, pressing FAV will scroll through your list of favorite channels that you stored through the interactive guide.

Page 52: Recording Formats, Recording Mode ▌ Recording Formats Since available functions differ depending on the disc type, select a disc that best fi ts your preference. Pressing : Advances to live TV when in DVR mode. Page 24: Connecting External Devices AV 1 IN or S-VIDEO IN Jacks Connecting a VCR or external device to AV 1 IN jacks of the DVD Recorder & VCR. If desired, you can connect an S-Video cable to the S-Video In jack instead of connecting the Video (yellow) cable.

With these brands, other programming may not be necessary.To program (setup) the remote using the ‘Popular Brands’ method… 1. Turn on your Device. 2. Press and hold SETUP until TV mode key blinks twice. … 3. Press the mode key for device you wish to setup. Page 3: Precaution, Important Safety Instructions, Handling Cautions, Maintenance Of Cabinet, Disc Handling • Do not put a fl ower vase fi lled with water or any small metal objects on the recorder. • Be careful not to put your hand into the disc tray. Page 78: Troubleshooting • The DVD Recorder & VCR requires some time to initialize after it is turned on. for a while when the If Quick recording function is set to on, the DVD Recorder & VCR will power on quickly, power turns on.

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