Инструкция по двигателю loncin

инструкция по двигателю loncin
Детальный видео-обзор МОЕГО мотоцикла в прикреплённых видео-записях ниже. С документами полный порядок (съём/постановка на учёт) + страховка. Collapsible foot pegs, heavily padded seat and adjustable angle/height handlebars and brake/clutch lever will give every individual racer a customized fit. Increased lateral stiffness ensures the rider the quickest side-to-side transitions possible in a super pocket bike. Handling is kept tight and responsive thanks to its race-proven R32 CAD tubular frame. Заменена свеча на иридий (оригинал). Состояние резины: отличное, хватит ещё на несколько сезонов. В комплекте идёт так же: набор ключей, свеча, мануал. Цена: 1250 $. Убедительный торг у мотоцикла уместен. -gp250-lx250gs..#loncin #продаммото #мото #мотопродажа.

The electric starter is activated by a push of a button. A set of unique keys are also included as an anti-theft mechanism. The race-tuned suspension is infinitely adjustable to match any rider and any track condition. Бережная обкатка с подальшим уходом как за женщиной. The R32 Viper is decked out with features and comes fully assembled.

Продам любимый мотоцикл LONCIN GP250 LX250GS-2. Краткая сводка: 250 см3, 1-цилиндр, 4-х тактный с верхневальный с баланс-валом. The exhaust note is also unlike any you have ever heard. The heart of the R32 Viper Super Pocket Bike is its Race-Tuned Honda®-Based 110cc 4-Stroke Engine. 4-Stroke motors are more powerful and responsive through the entire RPM range than their 2-stroke counterparts. Idling with a deep rumble, the throaty performance dual pipe sings a tune reminiscent of a full size GP Moto all the way up to its redline, topping out at over 70 mph! The ZR motorcycle alternator keeps the battery constantly charged.

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