Panasonic kx t3861bh инструкция

The phone has a rubber keypad on the upper part of the housing below the speaker to dial phone numbers with. You might not need every tool for every procedure. These are some common tools used to work on this device. Dimensions: 6 17/32″ x 2 11/32″ x 7/8″ Weight: 117 grams Antenna: Retractable; made from a flexible rubber material. User interface: A key pad for numbers, a pause button, and a redial button.

Identification of Device ¶ The device is a black phone that is opened by pressing a gray button on the side to flip the phone open. Below the lower set of rubber buttons, there is a removable contact list that can have phone numbers written on it for quick reference. At the very bottom of the phone is a microphone that the user speaks into to transmit their voice to whomever is listening. Никакая часть данной публикации не может быть использована, репродуцирована, передана любым электронным, копировальным или другим способом без предварительного письменного разрешения владельца авторских прав. The lower housing of the phone has a few more rubber buttons that give you basic functionality such as holding a call.

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