Фотоаппарат никон л 820 инструкция

фотоаппарат никон л 820 инструкция
There was never an AI version. 1995 November The completely different autofocus 85mm f/1.4 D lens is introduced. Deployment The very best protective filter is the 72mm Hoya multicoated HD3 UV which uses hardened glass and repels dirt and fingerprints, and is also multicoated. Even if the corners aren’t quite as sharp as the center at f/1.4, the corners are still sharper than any other 50mm or 85mm f/1.4 lens that I’ve ever used. At f/2 Contrast is back up and falloff is gone, so it’s sharp and contrasty all over. This means this lens optimizes its design for perfect performance as you focus at any distance. It’s multicoated, which Nikon calls Nikon Integrated Coating. The flash itself is a pop-up design as you’d find on a typical DSLR and needs to be manually ejected using a release button next to your left hand.

Depth-of-Field Scale Engraved into barrel and filled with different colors of paint. The vertical metal shutter utilises precision tapered high-strength aluminium alloy blades and oilless self-lubricating bearings. Top of the Nikon Coolpix L840 Also sited near your left hand on the lens barrel is rocker switch that acts as a secondary zoom control. Packaging Gold-foil box, two pieces of engineered machined foam, each made from two cemented sections. Lateral Color Fringes performance top There are no lateral color fringes on the D800, D300 or D3, which would correct them if the 85mm f/1.4 AI-S had any. The Scene button also accesses the L840’s nine filter effects (see examples in the Image Quality section of the review), plus a Short Movie Show function that’ll automatically compile brief video clips into a thirty-second movie with customisable backing music and special effects.

History 1980 Nikon tickled us with their first mentions of this f/1.4 lens. 1981 September Nikon formally introduces the 85mm f/1.4 as an AI-s lens. Since this was just a static shot, I only needed 1/350th of a second. I went for F/6.7 just to tighten up the sharpness a little on my 80-400mm. This design can be problematic when you want to remove the SD card and instead end up with four AA batteries at your feet.

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