Инструкцию для mitsubishi heavy fdt100vd

инструкцию для mitsubishi heavy fdt100vd
Off The flashes. 2. Press the SET button. – 19 – 3. Press the SELECT ( or ) button or a GROUP No. button to be set. To set the same program for all groups, select “88”. 4. Press the SET button. The group number is decided. 5. Press the SELECT ( or ) button to select the day of the week. Important • Since the central control is shipped with all indoor units set as not being managed, always set indoor units to be controlled by this central control as units to be managed. The details of the most recent error for each unit are displayed. 3. Press the CHECK button or the ALL / GROUP / ONE button. The safety precautions are classified as “ DANGER” and “ CAUTION”. Precautions as shown in the column “ DANGER” indicate that improper handling could have serious consequences like death, serious injury, etc. “ CAUTION” might pose a serious problem, depending on the circumstances.

Please set the current date and time correctly. 1 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 1. Press the MENU button and select . Each time you press this button, the display moves to the next step in the sequence in the diagram below. All the indoor units being managed stop and the RUN/ERROR display lamp goes out. The day display section flashes. 7. Press the SELECT ( or ) button or a GROUP No. button to set the day. When “—:—” is displayed for both the On time and the Off time, the program become void. The display shows the running state of the indoor unit currently being displayed. • When GROUP is set : The various settings can be made for one or more groups.

Continuing operating the central control under abnormal conditions may lead to failure, electric shock and/or fire. CAUTION Do not handle with wet hands. Example: When inputting “07” with the GROUP No. buttons to set July, press the 10 (0) button, then the 07 button. 6. Press the SET button. Off The flashes. – 25 – 2. Press the SET button. 3. Press the SELECT ( or ) button or a GROUP No. button to select the group number to be set. To select all the groups, select “88”. 4. Press the SET button. Maintenance display section Caution Please request your dealer to perform the inspection. The group number and unit number light up and after 2 seconds, flash. Компактный внутренний блок монтируется над подвесным потолком и полностью скрыт за декоративной решеткой.

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