Инструкция хонда цивик 2000 года

Eventually, strong cells are limiting the upper capacity of the pack and weak cells are limiting the lower capacity of the pack thereby reducing the usable capacity of the pack. Модели отличались вызывающим дизайном и футуристической приборной панелью. Monitoring is available at a 12 cell sub-pack level, but charging isn’t. After years/miles of use, the cells become imbalanced as the cells charge/discharge at slightly different rates from one another. High output valve timing help the engine to increase its output by 9 percent.

The Dunlop tires improve ride quality and reduce road noise compared with other hybrids like Insight and Prius. Engine output is increased to 93 hp (69 kW) at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque to 89 ft·lb (121 N·m) at 4,500 rpm. But where other Civics come with a 158-hp naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the hatchback will have as standard those models’ optional 174-hp 1.5-liter turbocharged four. For the last non-Si Civic hatchback sold stateside, you’ll need to stretch your memory back to 2000, the final year for the sixth-generation Civic. Archived from the original on 21 September 2007. Retrieved 2007-04-27. ^ «The dollars & sense of hybrid cars». ^ Vincentric. «Hybrid Comparison». Retrieved 2011-02-01. [dead link] ^ Sam Abuelsamid (2010-08-16). «Honda’s fix for Civic hybrid batteries». Auto Blog.

Before then, every previous generation of the Civic had offered a hatchback body style. News, 2 February 2012; retrieved 2 February 2012. ^ Edvard Pettersson and Maurice Possley (May 9, 2012). «Honda Wins Reversal of Small-Claims Loss Over Hybrid Mileage». Bloomberg. Dealer Rating: (42 reviews) «»»Great costumer service!!»» «Had great time shopping for my car with Robert & for sure going to come back for my next purchase. Maximum torque is rated 116 ft·lb (157 N·m) at 1,500 rpm for manual transmission models and 105 ft·lb (142 N·m) at 3,000 rpm for CVT models. 144 V Nickel-metal hydride batteries with 6.0 A·h capacity.

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