Bmw 650 gs инструкция

bmw 650 gs инструкция
Формат: PDF, размер: 19,8 Mb. скачать BMW K1/K100RS. Инструкция по эксплуатации (Owner`s mznual) на итальянском языке. Бак – под седлом. И его горловина там же4. СВЕТСильная сторона байка. Шестая передача – овердрайв – тут просто необходима!01. РУЛЬВ меру высокий, но удобный для пилота любого роста02. КРЫЛООбтекатель инте­­грирован с крылом.

Why.? They made the change not long after the GS model came out. BMW even put it in writing. I am not 100% sure about the classic 650 but the GS yes and I don’t see a big difference in the blocks. That way it can turn only one way whether it is upside down or right side up. (thanks to norbrat) When you removed the bash plate bolts, keep track of the direction you used for the two bolts under the bike. Personally I changed all of my oil at 600 miles. I think there is a number of folks who baby these bikes when they are new and the ring won’t seat. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA #782 Even if it is a 6 sided socket (the only thing to use on a bolt like this), I have noticed that different sockets can have different dimensions on the opening lip. See Oil-tank bolt-grommet Pulls Out of or Rotates in the Airbox The other place where they use a similar arrangement is the Airbox Drain, which leaks oil past the Rubber Seal, down along the outside of the Drain Tube. The natural high riding position of the Dakar makes it more suitable for taller riders.

The washer here is a simple rubber o-ring and won’t do with this brass plug. Up until now, I’ve done 3 oil changes and one at a dealer. Harl #380 Just operate the motorcycle until you see the sight glass half full. The proper level is half way between the max and min marks. Кнопки двухпозицион­­ного обогрева ручек руля находятся слева2. РУЛЬПоди попади в пер­­чат­ках в переключатель поворотов…3. БЕНЗОБАКА вот и нет! Use good tools, including a six-sided socket or box-end wrench. Третий плюс — хоть маленький, но «бардачок» в основании багажника, с замком.

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