Teac ai-2000 инструкция

Make sure it fits really good and if your audio device has a USB light, check if it turns on when you connect it to your Android device. If it is not lit, then either the cabling is not right or your audio device consumes too much power. Предусилитель в данной модели является полностью балансным, что позволяет в полной мере реализовать потенциал этого типа соединения. The AI-2000 is available in black or silver. TEAC’s Distinction series is a new line of high-end products for listeners looking for exquisite sound quality from their components.

Olympus LS-5 Omnitronic ADI — 002PL Onkyo DAC-HA200 Oppo HA-2 Try the free trial on before purchase, since not all Android devices work with it. Record mono, stereo or multi-channel audio and play back in stereo. Together these allowed a usefully flat frequency response beyond 15 kHz for the first time.

Retrieved 25 October 2016. ^ Mourning and Celebrating 50 years of Compact Cassette — SoundBlog, 23 March 2013. Retrieved 25 August 2013. ^ Rewound. On its 50th birthday, the cassette tape is still rolling. Maintenance[edit] Cassette equipment needs regular maintenance, as cassette tape is a magnetic medium which is in physical contact with the tape head and other metallic parts of the recorder/player mechanism. You can work around it by putting a powered USB hub in between. This robust construction contributes to eliminate unnecessary vibration by its weight, and gives a real-thing look to the AI-2000 as an authentic hi-fi amplifier. Some companies, such as Mobile Fidelity, produced audiophile cassettes in the 1980s, which were recorded on high-grade tape and duplicated on premium equipment in real time from a digital master.

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