Psr e413 мануал инструкция

psr e413 мануал инструкция
Press a button to select a basic function. When this is set to ON/OFF ON, the Demo Song will not play, even if the [DEMO/PC] button is pressed. 3–20, OFF Sets the amount of time before the instrument will go into Sleep Mode. The knob’s center position produces the initial default tempo. PSR-E413 Owner’s Manual Attack Release Time… Page 21: Using The Knobs Rotating the knob to the right while the volume is set to a high level can result in distortion. If this occurs, reduce the volume level. Page 127 For details of products, please contact your nearest Yamaha representative or the authorized distributor listed below. 12 items found Be aware that the regulations/precautions described in each manual may be obsolete and may NOT fully comply with the current laws in your area, especially if they were printed and produced many years ago.

ForElise PSR-E413 Owner’s Manual… Page 44 Lesson 1 → Lesson 2 → Lesson 3 → Off → Lesson 1 …. The currently selected mode is shown in the display. First beat of measure Third beat Second beat Fourth beat PSR-E413 Owner’s Manual… Page 28: Try Playing A Variety Of Instrument Voices, Select And Play A Voice—main The voice selected here becomes the main voice. Using the wrong adaptor can result in damage to the instrument or overheating. Refer to the Effect Type List on page 117 for information about the available harmony types.

Page 23: The Easy Way To Play Piano, Play With Both Hands “song” also refers to the data that makes up a piece of music. Press the [SONG] button, then select the song you want to arrange. PSR-E413 Owner’s Manual ] (START/STOP) Halleluj… Page 51: Select A Style OFF] button will not function. • If the time signature of the song and style are different, the time signature of the song will be used. You can stop song playback at any time by pressing the [ STOP) button. PSR-E413 Owner’s Manual After ] (START/ Adjusts volume. The chart below shows the basic PSR-E413 processes flow for using the preset songs, user songs, and external song files—from storage to playback. Appears when the syn- chro-stop function is engaged.

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