Нитробласт хиро фактори инструкции

After much exploration, they arrive to the center and discover the queen monster, which proceeds to call more monsters to her aid. Fire Villains[edit] Fire Lord — A mining bot who went insane, and began a megalomaniacal plot to steal all sources of Hero fuel. Simply search by theme or year and you’ll find instruction manuals for many of our old and new sets. Witch Doctor finds the Heroes and traps Bulk and Rocka in the box he was using to carry the Quaza stones. Hero Factory was discontinued after 2014 in favor of reviving Bionicle.

Nitroblast — A smart and devoted member in the Fire Lord’s gang. Four of the Heroes then travel to a remote planet to acquire an antidote, while Furno finds Stormer and duels him. Rocka is confronted by a Fangz, but is incapable of defeating it and is knocked unconscious. Flyer Beast — One of the Beasts that can fly and uses a tower and a claw as weapons. Nathan Evo — An introspective rookie Hero working with the team, who emphasizes heavy artillery use in his missions.
Natalie Breez — The sole female member of Alpha 1, brash in her dealings with her teammates, but with a connection to nature. Corroder uses his acid weapons to create a smokescreen and escape. They find an ancient transportation unit that could be used to instantly transport them to the central mine that leads to the core of the planet.

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