Nhdt w58 36063 инструкция

nhdt w58 36063 инструкция
Apr 27, 2006 gps navigation, ipod, misc news, toyota Toyota Japan is getting serious about competing in the car navigation system niche. On May 8th they will be launching eight new models of navigation systems that will be available as dealer installed options. You can also choose to add a digital terrestrial TV tuner, a receiver for MobaHO!, a satellite digital audio/video service in Japan, or iPod connection capabilities. Luckily the manufacturer is Panasonic, so you have a slightly better than average chance of being helped. Go to this page and click on the «consumer Support» link. These will not be cheap options from Toyota. The HDD models will range in price from $1,900 to $2,800, and the DVD versions range from $1,375 to $1,700. Presumably Toyota will use Japan as a test market to see if it makes sense to expand to wider markets. via. The hard drive models will feature 40GB of storage capacity along with DVD playback and 5.1 virtual surround sound. A 7-inch display monitor is standard, but a 9-inch LCD for the rear seat is an option.

ForumCars 2 answers Last reply Jun 14, 2014 Best Answer Apr 19, 2014 More about nhdt change langauge Can’t find your answer ? Ask ! Ask a new question Japanese Hard Drives Cars. There’s a link to tech support too, but it didn’t seem terribly helpful to me. I had a long look around and the only solution seems to be a firmware update.

There will be five HDD models and three which rely on DVDs for content. ForumCars 3 answers Last reply Feb 11, 2014 More about free download nhdt owners manual Can’t find your answer ? Ask ! Ask a new question Download DVD Japanese Hard Drives Cars. You will have to contact the manufacturer of the device for assistance.

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