Инструкция водонагревателя redring florida

инструкция водонагревателя redring florida
Try resetting each cutout by pushing the red reset button located in the center of the cutout. Our commitment to innovation is driven by the needs of our customers, which we research extensively to ensure that we remain market leaders and supply the high quality products that we are known for. Ensure flow rates are within the heater’s specifications.

Maximum flow rates for each unit are as follows. AE-115 = 2.3gpm, AE-125 = 3.5gpm. WATER SUPPLY PRESSURE TOO LOW Verify incoming water supply is at least 30psi. Это не реклама-отзывы в Инете пишу раз в 5 лет. Water Flow is Too Low > THERE ARE RESTRICTIONS IN THE PLUMBING Obstructions in the water path can restrict the flow of water through the heater. Verify the heater’s inlet filter screen, faucet aerators, showerheads and whole house filters are clear of debris. Technical Data — 9.5kW Powerstream :Cable size guide: 6/10mmm (please seek advice from a qualified engineer) Fuse Rating Guide: 40ampsOperating Pressure: 15-150psiKilowatt loading @ 230-240v: 8.7 – 9.5Thermal cut out protection.

Observe if the flow transducer «spins» when the water is turned on. Consult a qualified electrician or phone our technical advice line on 0844 372 7766 Q: Which of your showers are cold water tank fed? A: Redring Expressions 570 is an electric shower with integral pump. Verify proper flow on the outlet side of the heater with the hot water pipe disconnected. Winter Months (average incoming water temperature: 5 degrees) Powerstream will deliver 4 litres per minute: 39 degrees, 5 litres per minute: 32 degrees and 6 litres per minute 28 degrees.

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