Инструкция коагулятор sensimatic 700 se

инструкция коагулятор sensimatic 700 se
Plus, it has low-impedance circuitry to adjust power when cutting depth varies. You set the power once for the case at hand. With 10 power settings and three modes of operation (CUT, CUT/COAG, and COAG), the Sensimatic™ 700SE can cover everything from crown and bridge procedures to fulguration.

The Sensimatic Electrosurg’s special low-impedance circuitry takes over, automatically adjusting the power to compensate for tissue variations at the operative site. Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurgical Unit from Parkell Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurgical Unit from Parkell Description The SensimaticElectrosugery Unit is 100% solid-state, so there’s no vacuum tube to break or burn out, or to keep you waiting while it warms up. It’s ready the instant you turn it on.

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