Инструкция к спирометру micro co meter

инструкция к спирометру micro co meter
Product manuals Cleaning and Calibration CareFusion Product Matrix Product manuals Spirometry PC Software Getting Started Guide Includes Installation, Setup, Connectivity Information and Support. The device is configured by you with an easy-to-use PC application via the efficient USB connection. The universal keypad and easy-to-read screen ensure ease of use by all subjects. The clinical systems use an array of values to look up old values against the EU value.

The operating manual is downloadable in PDF (Acrobat) format for printing or on-screen use. 1.1MB PDF (Acrobat) file Pulmolife Operating Manual Includes Setup, Testing Procedures, Cleaning and Calibration processes. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical, or commercial applications. Grade levelRecommended for College, High School, and K–8The Spirometer is designed to make human respiratory measurements at rest and during moderate activity. The Micro Diary can record PEF, FEV1, FVC or FEV6 and loop data along with symptom score, event and medication questions for clinical research. Use it to perform a variety of experiments related to air flow and lung volume.

Support is not desired.Cosmed SpiroHOMEter Service manual 630 KB Download prohibited by Cosmed. Support is not desired.Cosmed Pony Service manual 1.1 MB Download prohibited by Cosmed. About Us coVita is a partner and sole source representative for Bedfont Scientific breath analysis products and accessories for the USA and Canada. We are the market leaders in breath monitoring for medical applications, fire/EMS, wellness, education and research. Cosmed K4 b2 Service manual 8.4 MB Download prohibited by Cosmed. The operating manual is downloadable in PDF (Acrobat) format for printing or on-screen use. 6.2MB PDF (Acrobat) file Micro I Operating Manual Includes Getting Started, Configuration, Calibration, Maintenance and full Specifications.

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