Инструкция garant tm 1000

инструкция garant tm 1000
Hence the lowest residue number is displayed in blue and the highest residue number is displayed as red. Thus, it works well for stick or ball-and-stick images but not for most spacefilling images. Currently only the spacefilling representation is shadowed or can cast shadows.

The first argument is an integer value called the «cut-off» distance of the within expression and the second argument is any valid atom expression. The currently selected (active) region of the molecule are those atoms that cause the expression to evaluate true. To select the whole molecule use the RasMol command select all. The RasMol structure command may be used to force DSSP’s structure assignment to be used. The command dots on deletes any existing dot surface and generates a dots surface around the currently selected atom set with a default dot density of 100. The command dots off deletes any existing dot surface. The permissible values for this parameter are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9. The default value is 5. The number of strands is constant for all ribbons being displayed. The RasMol command source is synonymous with the script command.

These typically contain water, cofactors and other solvents and ligands. Allowed objects are atoms, bonds, backbone, ribbons, labels, dots, hbonds, and ssbonds. If no object is specified, the default keyword atom is assumed. Rotate Syntax: rotate {-} Rotate the molecule about the specified axis. This value between 0 and 100 adjusts the reflection coeffient used in specular highlight calculations. Проверено 11 сентября 2015. ↑ Подтверждение операций в WM Keeper — WebMoney Wiki. .

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