Инструкция для супер sp-701

инструкция для супер sp-701
With the STOL CH 701, designer Chris Heintz combined the features and advantages of a «real» airplane with the short-field capabilities of an «ultralight» aircraft. June 1, 2009: Testing larger tires on the STOL CH 750: We recently tested larger tires and wheels on our prototype. July 2009: DEMO VIDEO DVD now features the STOL CH 750 (as well as the other Zenith kit aircraft). Order your copy now STOL CH 750 Kit Option: Micro Vortex Generators. When the only runway is a cleared patch in the jungle, and the alternative is a week of hiking through snake-infected swamps, the 701 starts to look pretty good. The adoption of these innovative solutions brings long 10,000 km service intervals and extremely low fuel consumption.The 701 Enduro has innovative bodywork featuring a long seat that reaches over the radiator shrouds with functional ribbing to improve grip in all conditions.

Thanks to Pete Krotje (of JabiruUSA) for his help with the installation. Not many of the more than 500 STOL CH 701’s flying today can be found at airports — most are operated from short off-airport grass fields. Video Clip: Aero-TV: The STOL CH 750 Aero-TV reports on the STOL CH 750 from the Sebring LSA Show in Florida «HOW-TO» DVD from A complete how-to video library to assist builders with constructing the STOL CH 750 from start to finish! Construction Specifications Construction Details Design Guide and Manuals Miscellaneous Publications.

Install these VGs on the bottom of the elevator for an even slower approach speed! Wow! One of life’s great thrills. It just flew beautifully. I started my takeoff roll and gently pulled the stick back to get the nose in the air. I had planned to note when the wheels left the ground so I would know rotate speed but it lifted off immediately. Its smooth surface has been painted so you won’t see a difference, but since lighter equals faster, you’ll feel it on the track.

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