Инструкция 425 пкб цв от 14 06 84

инструкция 425 пкб цв от 14 06 84
Solubility, in the Liquid State, of : NjiQv in HNO 3 . HN0 3 in N 2 O 4 . t» o Normality of a

Gms. Dextrin Sn r , r , Starch. Numerous dia- grams showing the observed c.s.t. of various mixtures of the gasolines, alcohols and water are given. Sealed tubes were used and at temperatures above 5o the tubes were heated by means of a resistance furnace within a steel bomb. Sol t o Gms. H 2 ,o Gms. H 2 * per 100 Gms.

The data for the reference curve of silver perchlorate in benzene + water mixtures afe 25 will be found under silver perchlorate at the bottom of page 1401. The estimated results for the solubility of water in benzene are as follows. Типовые схемы контроля взаимного расположения поверхностей деталей РД 32 ЦТВР 103.52.611-87 Методические указания. The GeO g was prepared from the pure disulfide by repeated treatment with UNO. and ignition to bright red heat.

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