General инструкция ar jw17

general инструкция ar jw17
See Chapter 5. 2-3 COMPRESSION CHECK A compression check is extremely important, because an engine with low or uneven compression between cylinders CANNOT be tuned to operate satisfactorily. Keep the vent plugs tight to prevent the neutralizing solution or water from entering the cells. Constructed of heavy steel — breast and body acetylene welded together. The spark plugs require very little attention other than occasional removal for inspection, cleaning and adjust- ment of the points.

When the battery is partially discharged, the ammeter should change from discharge to charge between 1500 to 1800 rpm for all models. If the battery is fully-charged, the rpm will be a little higher. Clean carbon from pistons and cylinders. C lean and 0 ver haul carbu retor . Clean and overhaul fuel pump. Always give the serial num- ber and model when seeking in- formation or ordering parts.

See Fig. 19. The purpose of this fea- ture is to reduce shearing of propeller drive pins to a minimum and to absorb shocks which otherwise might be injur- ious to the motor in event of striking un- derwater obstructions. Early management and outcome following soft tissue injuries of the neck — a randomised controlled trial. The quick-disconnect device affords easy removal of the tank for fiZZing. 2-8 TUNING filters, lines, and passageway in the carburetor. If the condition of the fuel is in doubt, drain, clean, and fill the tank with fresh fuel. Man Ther. 2011. Available at: Accessed August 11, 2011. 48. Raney NH, Petersen EJ, Smith TA, et al.

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