Fimar сервисная инструкция

fimar сервисная инструкция
The relay inside the Controller Box is loose in its socket. Pan does not get hot enough even though temperature is set on high.Check if the «Hold Temp» button is on because that means the cooktop will generate no more than 800 watts of power. If so, switch to Power Cook. Learn more Medicine Featuring options such as DIN 58345 compliance kit, a wide variety of fittings such as ABS and aluminium drawers and performance adhering to pharmaceutical manufacturers storage specifications, makes the following BioLine ranges ideally suited for medicine and vaccine storage. The Controller comes on, but the burner(s) will not light. No glow is present at the burner in the back of the oven. Также имеются газовые, паровые, микроволновые и комбинированные духовые шкафы, позволяющие Вам легко справиться с любым рецептом и готовить качественные блюда. But again, please do not hesitate to give us a call if you need assistance. We’re here to help! No power whatsoever (No heat or lights).Is the cooktop plugged into a 120-volt outlet?

Home » Каталог » БЫТОВАЯ ТЕХНИКА » Духовые шкафы Духовые шкафы Smeg: разница в деталях. Our range of equipment covers needs from all business types within the hospitality industry. Call your local gas supplier to test the burner pressures. Does the cooktop have a dedicated 15-amp line?

With «Tissue», product ranges are selected for their aptitude for storing your valuable items, often essential to your work.Safeguarding the items is of great importance, therein ensuring accurate, stable and uniform temperatures in the storage chamber. Check the main shut-off valve in the gas line to the oven to make certain it is turned on. If the hood system is equipped with an Ansul fire suppression system, verify it hasn’t tripped and shut off the gas to the oven. However, a glow is momentarily visible at the burner located in the back of the oven. Solution: This is an indication of low gas pressure to the oven. The burner(s) are operating, but the product is burning or not cooking consistently. This condition may improve when other gas equipment is turned off and worsen when demands increase, such as during cold periods when heating plants are running.

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