Cable tester tl-468 инструкция

cable tester tl-468 инструкция
Overall, the flash is responsive but not super quick. But if you want to spend only around 100$ – the 468 becomes interesting. These operating manuals are for our current product range. Manual zoom can also be set from the 40D’s menu system, and even that works with the Yongnuo: set it to 24mm on the 40D rear display, and the flash switches from auto zoom to manual zoom and goes to the 24mm setting.

For Nikon users, the latest i-TTL flash from Yongnuo is still the YN-467 (also the new YN-565 EX is not available for Nikon as of Sept 1st, 2011). Canon cameras Nikon cameras The Yongnuo YN-468 works with many but not all Canon DSLR camera bodies. Manual zoom is selected / set by pressing the “Mode” button and “On/Off” simultaneously. These buttons have a good size but they are a bit soft and feel rubbery – the reason why they were labeled as “mushy buttons” on the flickr discussion boards. Next to it is the Mode button, and the Pilot button is the last in the bottom row. For the YN468 there is hardly a difference between the 2 cases: it’s only 2 tenths of a stop. The majority of testers consist of two main components: the tester itself and the remote.

There, the problem was more on the underexposure side. But if no compensation is set on the flash, the menu settings with their range of “-2″ to “+2″ do work. Always remove the cable from both the computer and router or modem before connecting the tester.

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