Autodesk inventor 2009 инструкция

The API help is accessed in the help menu as shown below:DevTV: Introduction to Inventor ProgrammingA self-paced video tutorial demonstrating how to get started developing with Autodesk Inventor. The screens below only appear if your computer is not connected to the Internet. Click Done to close the Bill of Materials dialog box. More than 100 Autodesk Inventor Certified applications are currently available, with more coming every day.

Если Вы уже зарегистрированы, после щелчка по названию курса Вам надо будет ввести свой логин и пароль. В противном случае, Вам будет предложена форма регистрации. Wizards This directory no longer contains the wizards installer but now only contains a readme describing the use of the wizards. Click Close to resume using your software in Free Trial mode while the request is being processed.
Click Group Settings: Make the First Key — Stock Number, Second Key — G_L, Third Key — Item QTY, Check Display Items 1,2,3. Click OK. Click Renumber Items. Autodesk software products operate on a Free Trial license until activated. If you purchased your software and didn’t use it as a Free Trial, you still need to activate your software from the Free Trial screen. You can file an email request using the address provided or visit .See: Request an Activation Code, below.The request code shown is for example only and will not work if used. This is a «one-stop shop» learning path for users who know Autodesk products but are absolutely new to programming and are thinking about taking the plunge. In this guide, you will be working with the Autodesk Inventor COM API and the Visual Basic programming language. You can use this tool to better understand the event behavior so you can know how to take advantage of it within your programs.

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